Unit Studies

The Parkside School curriculum is centered largely on a set of five “unit studies”.  Each unit continues for approximately six school weeks and focuses upon a broad topic that is of particular interest to 4 or 5 year old children.  The units introduce concepts and experiences that connect math, language, art and science to the unit topic.  As the school year progresses, one unit blends into the next resulting in a fun, challenging and creative learning experience having a sense of natural continuity.
September & October:
Environmental Studies - focuses on the importance of reducing, reusing & recycling our natural resources.  The children are introduced to the idea of becoming stewards of the earth: visit a water reservoir; study animal habitats; make paper; etc.

November & December:
Native American Culture – focuses on the homes, food, clothing, customs, games, transportation, myths and legends, arts and crafts of First Nations People.  The children learn to appreciate the differences of another people and culture.  This unit culminates in a Potlatch celebration.

January & February:
Space & the Solar System – focuses on the Sun, the planets, other orbiting objects.  The children learn about the challenges of space travel, asteroids, constellations, and related scientific concepts.  This unit culminates in the construction of individual solar systems.

March & April:
The Human Body – focuses on the major organs and “systems” of the human body (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, skeletal, and sensory).  We examine how the body uses oxygen, food and water to stay healthy.  This unit culminates in life-size diagrams of each child’s body, inside and out.

May & June:
Sea Life – focuses on sea invertebrates and how they live, function, eat and protect themselves.  The children learn about oceans, tides, and the importance of sea life.

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