Curriculum at Parkside School

The Language Curriculum employs a “whole language approach” and phonetic spelling techniques to initiate development of reading and writing skills.  The “Letter of the Week” activity enables the children to develop their skills in letter shape and sound recognition within a predictable structure. 

The Math Curriculum utilizes an “experience based approach” that provides the children with a firm foundation in mathematical concepts through active problem-solving.  The children are encouraged to discover for themselves possible solutions to problems that they can then test and evaluate.  Many materials and activities enjoyed independently by the children throughout the school day are mathematically based.

Art and other creative activities are a very important component of the curriculum.  The children are continually encouraged to explore and use a variety of art materials.  The class explores the many ways in which art and creative expression can enhance their spatial reasoning and technical problem solving skills.

Eric Johnson, a well-known movement specialist, works with the Parkside class for one hour each Friday morning.  The children explore moving their bodies through space using creative, vigorous, and controlled actions.  Eric’s use of visualization and imaginative interpretations of stories enhance the children’s spatial awareness and body control.

Field Trips
Each year the Parkside class goes on approximately 12 field trips throughout the year, most of which are centered on the current Unit Study.  Whenever possible, we try to travel by Metro Bus for our trips, but parent help is often needed to drive the children when our destination is not convenient to reach by bus.  We also need parents to help supervise the children during each trip.

Information about upcoming field trips is posted in the school on the Parent Information Board  Field trip information is also included in our monthly newsletter.  Permission slips signed by parents/guardian are required for a child’s participation in each field trip.  There is an annual Field Trip/Emergency Kit fee of $100 for each child.

Examples of typical field trips include: 
  • Discovery Park (environmental studies)
  • Seattle Art Museum (Native Americans)
  • Burke Museum (Native Americans)
  • Pacific Science Center & Planetarium (space)
  • Museum of Flight (space)
  • Swedish Hospital (human body)
  • Seattle Aquarium (sea life)
  • All Day Trip to Lincoln Park Beach at low tide (sea life)
  • Metro Bus Tunnel Treasure Hunt; Seattle Children's Theatre
  • Youth Theatre Northwest
  • Seattle International Children's Festival.  

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We also schedule special events including our Annual Halloween Party, Annual Spring Party, and Annual School Picnic in Madison Park.

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