Admissions Process at Parkside

Parents typically begin contacting the school with admissions inquiries for the upcoming school year in early November.  We welcome all inquiries, whether by telephone or email.  We can then send to interested families a school brochure.  The brochure includes general information about the school, the tuition schedule, the dates of all admission events, and an application form.

Parkside School hosts three Open Houses for parents each year - Thursday November 13, 2014; Tuesday December 9, 2014; and, Wednesday January 14, 2015.  Each Open House begins at 6:30 PM and ends at approximately 8:00.  Our Open Houses offer an excellent opportunity for parents to meet the teachers, see the school facility, schedule an appointment for a classroom visit, and participate in a group discussion among other interested parents and staff members.  No appointments or reservations are needed to attend an Open House.

We also encourage parents to arrange for a school tour.  Our tours offer an excellent opportunity for parents to see the school in action.  School tours are available on most school days (except Mondays) from 9:15 to 10:00 AM and are by arranged by appointment only.  Tours begin on November 4, 2014 continue until the last day of January 2015.  Please call or email the school for an appointment.

The deadline for applications for admission is the last day of January 2015.  No priority is given for early applications.  Parkside School does not have a sibling legacy policy. 

Click here to download the Parkside School application form

Saturday School Visit

A very important part of the admission process is the Saturday School Visit. The Saturday School Visit will take on February 7, 2015.  On that day all applicants will be invited to come to the school in small groups for a one-hour visit at different times throughout the day.  Parents may stay at the school during the visit if desired.  The children then enjoy a mini-school day during which they enjoy a fun independent time followed by a clean-up transition period.  Then the children participate in a short teacher-directed circle time.  Then a book is read and a simple game is played.  And finally, if time allows, the kids can explore some of the school materials.  

The Saturday School Visit is fun for the children and important to the admission process because provides the opportunity for the staff to evaluate whether Parkside School may be a good fit for each child. 

Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are based on essentially three factors: age, gender, and developmental readiness.  Our goal is to have a well balanced class in terms of age and gender, and one in which each child has the best possible chance to feel successful.  If it appears that a child may already be suited for kindergarten or may need another year at more of a play-based preschool, we will discuss other school alternatives with the family. 

Soon after meeting all of the children during the Saturday School Visit, we inform all families of the admission decisions.  A tuition deposit of $750 is requested of those families who have been offered a position in the class.  If the family accepts the position and makes the tuition deposit, their child's position in the class will be secure.  The $750 tuition deposit is non-refundable but it will be applied in full to each child's final tuition charges for the upcoming school year.

Waiting List

Parkside School would very much like to accept into the school each child who wishes to attend, but with only 23 spaces available some very difficult admissions decisions must be made each year.  We place on our Waiting List the names of those children who are not initially offered a place in the class and the names of those children whose family is unable to commit to accepting a position in the class when it is offered.  We promptly contact families from the Waiting List if a position in the class becomes available at a later time.

Parent Orientation Meeting

Parkside School invites parents of incoming students to attend a Parent Orientation Meeting just before the new school year begins.  This parent-only meeting is held during the evening of the first Thursday following the Labor Day Weekend in September.  The meeting presents a quiet opportunity for school parents to meet one another.  We encourage all parents to attend because most of the important school procedures are discussed (child sign-in, snack, recess, lunch, rest time, curriculum, calendar, parking, field trips, enrollment papers, health/medical procedures, etc.).  The Parkside School Parent Handbook and a Certificate of Immunization Status form are distributed at the orientation meeting.

The Parent Handbook provides pertinent information about the School and the upcoming school year, including information regarding parking around the school, yearly calendar, payment of tuition, child signing in and out procedures, child illnesses, child accidents and emergencies, school discipline, daily snacks, rest time procedures, etc. 

State law requires that a Certificate of Immunization Status form be submitted for each child prior to the first day of school.

First Days of School

The new school year begins on the first Monday following the Labor Day Weekend in September.  We have a slow start, when one half of the class coms to school from 9:00 to Noon on each of the first two days of school.  The first full day of school for the entire class happens that Wednesday.  The lunch and afternoon sessions will begin to be available on that Wednesday.


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