School Setting

Parkside School is located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood at the corner of 12th Avenue East and East Roy Street. The school occupies the ground floor of a large, wood-frame house built in 1905. The space offers a warm atmosphere with plenty of air, light and room for all of the school's activities. Seattle's oldest park, the venerable Volunteer Park, is located two blocks from the school. The school's morning recess is enjoyed at the neighboring Lowell Elementary School playground, where we have a special arrangement to use their modern playground each morning at a time when the elementary school students are not at recess. The children enjoy their lunch and afternoon recesses within the school's fenced yard having a climbing structure, turning bars, balls, jump ropes, and other play equipment.

The school's interior provides plenty of space for the children to explore the school's varied materials and to engage in art, building, play or lesson activities. The kids spend a great deal of time in the main classroom, where circle time, rest time, and independent-choice activities take place. The main classroom also includes a working natural gas fireplace and a library area having approximately 500 age-appropriate books.  A combination art room / lunch room adjoins the main classroom through a set of French doors. Six tables and twenty-three chairs provide the kids with ample work space to paint, draw, cut, paste, play board games, do puzzles, and to enjoy eating morning snack and lunch. 

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