General Policies & Procedures

Each family is asked to provide morning snacks for the entire class for two weeks throughout the school year.  This sharing of the snack responsibility among all of the families provides the children with a variety of food experiences.  Simple, nutritious, non-sugar snacks are encouraged and appreciated.

The children who stay at school for the lunch hour must bring their own lunch each day.  We ask that all lunches meet daily nutritional requirements.  At school the children are encouraged to eat as much of their lunch as they can in a relaxed time period.  The school will provide adequate refrigeration for safe-keeping of potentially hazardous food (such as meats of any type, cooked potato, cooked legumes, cooked rice, cut melons, milk, cheese, etc.).  Due to health and safety requirements, the school is not able to heat or re-heat food brought for lunch.

The school's daily schedule includes a rest time from approximately 1:00 to 1:30 each afternoon.  The children staying past 1:00 are encouraged to keep a thin, light sleeping bag at school for use during rest time.

The staff of Parkside School is highly experienced in dealing with children having food allergies and sensitivities.  Each member of the staff receives regular training in the administration of First Aid, CPR, and the use of Epipens.  Parkside School has adopted a written disaster plan, a written pesticide policy, a written pet policy, and a written cleaning policy.

Parkside School welcomes and encourages parents to share their time, talents and interests with the class.  Parental assistance with classroom and outdoor activities is always welcome.  We specifically need assistance on field trips and encourage classroom presentations by parents.  Parents have free access at all times to all areas of Parkside School.

Newsletters are sent to all school families by email on a monthly basis or more frequently.  The newsletter contains information about what the class is learning in school, upcoming field trips and special events, and other information about school activities.

Parkside School does not adhere to, practice, or engage in any religion or religious beliefs or activities.  Religious holidays are not observed.  Learning about cultural heritage and ethnic diversity is encouraged, and as such, we may acknowledge and discuss, for example, festivals of light, but we do not participate in rituals or observe particular religious holidays.

The staff of Parkside School is trained to work with young children and to provide for the individual needs of every child in our care.  Discipline will be fair, reasonable, consistent, and related to the child's behavior.  Discipline will be based on an understanding of the child's needs and stages of development, and will be designed to help the child develop inner control, appropriate behavior, and respect for the rights of others.  We view discipline as positive guidance, not punishment.  In all discipline situations, the child's self-esteem will be protected.  Corporal punishment will never be used on the Parkside School premises by anyone, including Parkside staff, parents, guardians, or other caretakers.  Children will never be hit, spanked, or humiliated.  The parents/guardians of a child who is experiencing behavior management challenges will be conferred with regarding potential remedial measures.

Parkside School, as a place of public accommodation, does not discriminate in employment practices or child services on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, class, age, religion, or disability.

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